Signage and marking

Photo of a mobility parking space - painted in yellow to show the international symbol for disability

Mobility parking spaces are painted with the International Symbol of Access on the surface of the parking space.

The yellow marking shown in the photo are the minimum requirements for mobility parks. 

Blue mobility parking spaces

In addition to the minimum requirements, CCS Disability Action also encourages parking providers to paint mobility parking spaces blue. This makes them more visible and our research shows that abuse of mobility parking spaces is reduced by as much as 13% when the parks are painted blue.

.Photo of a row of five blue mobility parking spaces

New Zealand standards and complianceImage of blue parking sign showing the international symbol for disability and says "Mobility parking permit holders only, at all times"

The Accessible Car Parking Spaces booklet contains all you need to know about accessible car parking, including the specifications for parking spaces and the number of mobility parking spaces required. This includes: