Lost and stolen permits

If your mobility parking permit has gone missing contact your nearest branch of CCS Disability Action to let us know so we can cancel the permit and issue you with a new one.

How do I get a replacement permit?

You will need to fill out an application form (PDF 818Kb) again and apply for a replacement - but you won't need your doctor to assess you again as we have your details already.

How much will a new permit cost?

A replacement permit costs $35.

How long will my replacement permit last?

Your replacement permit will cover the time left on the original permit. For example, if your old permit was due to expire in 1 year then your replacement permit will also expire in 1 year.

What happens if someone uses my lost permit?

When you notify us that your permit has been lost or stolen, we will cancel it. If someone uses your permit and it is checked by a parking enforcement officer, they will be fined, not you.