About mobility parking permits

Mobility parking permit holders can use mobility parking spaces, which are wider than standard parks and closer to venues. These spaces are marked with the disability symbol, and in many areas are now painted blue.

The permit also allows you to park in some regular parking spaces for longer than the designated time - this varies from region to region.

There are clear criteria around who is eligible for a permit and the responsibilities of permit holders. This ensures that the mobility parking spaces are available for people who really need them.

Who manages the scheme?

The mobility parking permit scheme provides permits for over 100,000 Kiwis and is managed in partnership:

  • CCS Disability Action manages and issues permits, and advocates to improve the scheme
  • Doctors or GPs assess people to determine their eligibility
  • Local councils provide and monitor on-road parking spaces
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) manages the legislation around parking requirements and fines

How the mobility parking permit scheme works

A brochure is available here (PDF 449KB) that tells you more about the scheme.

Photo of a mobility parking space, painted blue with the white symbol for disablity